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SiC Ceramic slurry pump
SiC Ceramic pump - That’s evolution! That’s breakthrough! Our ceramic pump is excellent for conveying various acid and alkali corrosive fluid, as well as slurry with abrasive grits. It is applied in: mine, metallurgy, coal power plants, steelworks, desulfurization, chemical industry, paper making, salt chemical engineering, petro chemical area, coal chemical industry, and other fields which needs anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion and refractoriness.
SiC Riser Tube
Riser tube applied in aluminum casting, is made of nitride bonded SiC ceramic, with below admirable features:

• corrosion resistant, not contaminating metal liquid
• good at thermal shock resistance, no dreg or crack
• airproof, no aluminum adhered, no slag accumulated, helping to produce perfect casting piece that is without air pore
• easy maintenance, long life-time, cost-effective
SiC Protection Tube
 Application: mainly used in nonferrous metal casting Product  Properties:
1.  It quickly improves temperature of aluminum liquid, with good conductivity of 16-18 w/m.k (1100?). The sheath wall is thin to 15-20mm.
2.  It won't be melted or eroded by aluminum liquid, and will not contaminate the liquid.
3.  It takes on small heat expansion of 4.2* 10-6, and good thermal-shock resistance. There will be no crack, no dreg adhering or coming off.
4.  It works well when immersed in aluminum liquid even the temperature is such high, and can work for long time. 
5.  It is easy to install while using, and easy to maintain.
SiC Degassing Rotor
Application: mainly used in nonferrous metal casting –aluminum degassing.
Product Properties:
1. It shows advantage in anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion compared with graphite one. Within life span, degassing effect keeps stably good.
2.High-speed rotation can maximumly crush air bubble, and maximumly drive air bubble to cavity corner, improving degassing efficiency.
3.Rotor and shaft are anti-melting and anti-corrosion, no contamination to metal liquid.
4.It owns smooth surfacea and there will be no aluminum adhering or dreg accumulating. The concentricity is controlled within 1mm, which ensures smooth and peaceful rotation.
5.It cuts down the cost of degassing, such as inert gas consumption, grilled slag aluminum wastage, improving reliability of equipment and reduce cost of maintenance.
SiC Slab/Brick
Nitride bonded silicon carbide kiln furniture is widely used in fields of vitrified abrasives, high alumina products, medium alumina ball, industrial furnace, electronic ceramics, high voltage porcelain, sanitary ware, household porcelain, nitride alloy, foamed ceramics, and so on. It could stand long-term working temperature of 1550?.
Nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks are excellent in performance of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, perishing resistance, deformation resistance and thermal shock resistance, and are featured with high temperature strength, good thermal conductivity, and long life-time. They are widely used in fields of electrolytic aluminum, blast furnace, smelting furnace, etc.
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